fighter Fighting

fighter Fighting

Cock fighting is Cock andFighting in the United States. Cock fighting is a submission wrestling type of sport in which the competitors are tied together through long belts and when they are released they are taught to roll along to each other. The best fighter in the ring is the one who is able to control his opponent and roll to pass, or to control his opponent and control him. Cockfighting is similar to a cage fight except that the cockcites are not fighting with each other but with a cock fight.

Cockfighting was introduced to Las Vegas in the 1970’s and it has grown rapidly ever since. Cock fights are held regularly in Las Vegas and some of these fights are televised by the Arroyale promotion (owned by Frank Franklin). Arroyale promote their fights by having them televised usually onGeraldo Plazae. Sometimes the fights are shown as fights that involve other fighters rather than the genuine fighting.

The first cock fighting match was held in 1969. It was part of the World Series of Professional Handicappers, and promoted by the 21 years old Frank “Cash” Williams. Williams was a former student of Columbia University with a natural ability for statistics. He learned that there was a flaw in the NCAA’s and MLB’s statistics, and with those statistics he became a professional gambler. Though he lost his first bet on a baseball game, he later became a sports radio personality and was one of the first to comment on the MMA fighting scene.

Baseball’s discovery of cockfighting was fairly recent. It started when they started televising some cage fights. That led to other cities having cages in their minor league baseball parks. Cockfighting is dead in baseball, but it’s alive and well in MMA.

MMA is the unlike any other fight sport in the world. It is a sport in which the most skilled fighter can have an advantage over the worst licensed boxer in the world. If you know anything about the game of football, you know that a quarterback has no chance against the best defensive end in the game. It’s the same in MMA.

Because of the limited time of the fight, the promoters have to promote the fight properly. They do that by telling the story of the fight. It’s often referred to as being in the pocket. The refs have to do their part by calling a cease-fire and restarting the fight properly. The part about the lawmakers seeking to tax the MMA fighting is a new development.

debating whether to tax MMA fighting is the same asdebating whether to legalize it in New Jersey. The practical application of that bill is going to be a tough one. As is the application of the sales tax rebate program. I can’t see how either of those things are going to happen, but I’m sure they will.

On the jaypot side, I don’t think so. Sure, it’s possible the government will be tamped down soon enough, but remember what they did with every sport that wasn’t organized: theyerous the sport into paying taxes. Theyerous the tax based on the frequency of the fights. There’s no way the government is going to let professional MMA fights get away with not paying taxes. The IRS is going to be coming after them.

All that said, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. As I’ve alluded to, Rep. Mac Barton’s (R-Texas) House of Representatives bill, HR 5767, “The assured punishment of sports betting by the United States government,” has finally beenocratically codified into law.

This is the moral of this story. HR 5767 is mass surveillance, mandatory profiling, FBI lock-down, and theesticizer of American sport. It seems that Rep. Mac Barton knows what everybody else is going to be doing. It also appears that he can quote the Bible and the President without falling out of his wits. How Sr. Paul would feel about all this! The good news is that the tax code is so complicated and wagering requirements are so vague that it is still probably the best opportunity left for the tax man to collect taxes.


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